Fix California

About the Organization

Fix California is committed to pursuing longterm solutions that advance conservative ideas and causes through out the state.

The left’s stranglehold on our state has decimated industries, families, and our way of life. In order to restore the promise of the Golden State, we must do the hard work now.


Secure Our Election

Free and fair elections are the cornerstone of our Republic. In California, state and county election officials have abandoned their responsibility to protect our elections and ensure that the voices of Californians are heard. Fix California is committed to holding these officials accountable and establishing a better process that protects every vote.

Advocate for California

The challenges our state faces are beyond politics and partisanship. To fix California, we must deliver a world-class education through choice and competition. We must pursue responsible environmental and energy policy to prevent rolling blackouts. And, ultimately, we must build an economy that not only encourages innovation, but also extends the ladder of opportunity so that every Californian has the ability to live free and prosper.

Engage With Voters

Common sense solutions have been absent in Sacramento, in part because many hardworking Californians are not registering to vote. We are committed to registering and engaging a new, diverse coalition of pro-freedom Californians around issues and causes that will improve the lives of every resident.